There is more to life than increasing its speed

 – Gandhi


It’s time to Relax. Recentre. Rejuvenate


The Relaxation Room is an integrative clinic located in Kitchener, Ontario, offering therapies and techniques which induce relaxation.  The Relaxation Room is unique in that it not only offers clinic based therapies such as Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET)  and Rejuvenating Facials but also offers therapies such as Laughter Yoga and Mobile Massage Therapy, specifically designed for the work place environment.


While short term stress can help heighten one’s performance, boost creative thinking and aid in surviving dangerous situations. Living in a state of chronic stress has debilitating effects on the human body, mind and spirit.

Science has linked chronic stress to:

      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Excessive anger
      • Insomnia
      • Heart irregularities
      • In women: infertility and PMS
      • In men: decreased sperm count and sexual performance

Taking time to relax prompts:

      • Parasympathetic activation
      • Increased mental clarify
      • Stress hormones to return to normal levels
      • Digestion and other organs to return to normal function
      • Adequate oxygen intake, as breathing slows down and deepens
      • Improved immune function
      • Higher quality of sleep

It’s time to Relax. Recentre. Rejuvenate.



49 West Avenue, Kitchener ON